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Origami Sake is not yet open for tastings or distribution. 🍶


Origami Sake

The art of enjoyment

Through the craft of origami, an artisan can turn a single, flat sheet of paper into a dimensional art form. Similarly, Origami Sake deftly fuses our brewing expertise and a few simple, yet premium ingredients to create something nuanced, bold, and memorable. Origami Sake is made in Arkansas, made to be unique, and made to be enjoyed.

Origami Sake is not yet open for tastings or distribution.

Local ingredients for superior sake.

Outside of Japan, there is arguably no better place on earth than our home state to harvest the essentials of great sake: rice and water. The distinctive lineage of our brew can be traced directly to Arkansas’s local geography that yields our premium ingredients. Arkansas grows rice coveted around the world and produces sparkling spring water emerging from thousands of feet below ground that is naturally filtered for great taste. These foundations can only be harvested from our soils. And their unique combination can only be found in Origami Sake.

Better water.

Better sake.

Sake is predominately composed of water — which is why the water source is the most critical component for premium brands. Origami Sake sources our water exclusively from the Ouachita Mountains in Hot Springs, Arkansas – a town famous worldwide for its water. 

The Ouachita Mountain aquifer in Hot Springs provides pure, naturally filtered water that is low in sodium and iron, possesses a perfect pH, and is naturally infused with minerals that are perfect for premium sake production. Origami uses better water. You get better sake. 










Original. Artful. Flavorful.

Like the art form of origami, we consider our sake to be an expression created from equal parts passion, expertise, and the abundant gifts of our local soils.

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The rice behind Origami Sake.

Origami Saké resides in the heart of U.S. rice country—with our home state accounting for more than 50% of the nation’s total rice production. Like our water quality, the combination of soil, terrain, and climate enable Arkansas to grow and us to source the quality of rice necessary to create truly special sake. 

Japan Arkansas Map

Isbell Farms, one of our local growing partners has been farming rice exported around the globe for decades. Our farmers have perfected growing many varieties of rice suitable for sake brewing, known as sakamai, such as Omachi, Somai, and Yamada Nishiki, the most prized varietal of sake rice. Which means the best rice on the planet grows right in our backyard. And now we get to share that flavor with you. 

Memorable meets sustainable.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are a part of our mission but never at the expense of quality or flavor. We believe that we can produce the best-tasting sake in the United States that is also the most environmentally friendly. Origami will become the first Net-Zero certified sake maker in the U.S. through a commitment to solar energy, 100% electric power, and the goal of being a zero-waste manufacturer. We’re committed to creating a great product and being great stewards of the environment.

solar panels


Origami Sake will be the most sustainably produced sake in the U.S. and will be the first Net-Zero certified sake manufacturer in the U.S.

Sun Powered

A 393 kW ground-mounted solar array producing 1,519 kW hours will be installed on-premises.

100% Electric

The building will be 100% electric with no use of fossil fuels for energy or heating.


We are striving to be a zero-waste manufacturer utilizing recyclable packaging and donating by-products such as rice flour and kasu to the local livestock farmers.